"Furry Navigator"

This beautiful blue golden girl, Lucy, just loves to ride in the car with her mom.Debbie states, "She has a wonderful personality. She sits there like a little princess."Thanks Debbie for sharing this picture of your baby with me!

Another “Persian GPS”

“Dear Kat, we thought you would enjoy some pictures of Kimba and to know how very comfortable she has been with her new family from the first moment we got her.  Her personality is just wonderful.  She is so curious and self-confident; we had no problems introducing her to our older cat and dog and she greets every visitor we have had.” 
Nadine & Jaime, Naples, FL

Nadine with Kimba, Niko and Rusty

Since one of our beloved Persians passed away in March we ended up getting a kitten from BooKats Cattery in early July 2010. After seeing pictures of another litter - we added a second kitten to the family in late August. I can't say enough about their wonderful personalities.  While they are quite different from one another - they
are both very independent, outgoing and friendly. Kat does a wonderful job with them in their first 12 weeks  (notably both listen to their names very well). And while those  12 weeks seem to take forever - in hindsight I'm glad because I think they are the way they are because they stayed with their siblings and in their familiar surrounding until that time.

Thinking back it could explain the personalities of our other Persians. One we got at 16 weeks old. He was very friendly, people oriented and he turned anyone he met into a "cat person". Our other Persian - who is still with us at the proud age of 13 and now putting up with a set of energetic kittens - we got him at only 8 weeks old. Even now, while he is very sweet - he is very shy and skittish. Coincidence? Maybe - but it certainly makes me a believer that letting a kitten develop physically and mentally until at least 12 weeks before introducing them into a completely new environment will get you a more social cat and a cat you will enjoy more. What's waiting
another two or four weeks - when you will likely have this cat well into their teens?
Thank you, Nadine

Family Update!
Nadine and Jaimie added Mia to the family.
Niko (lower left) and Mia have a special relationship.

Rhee Rhee

“My mommy thinks daddy bought these for her...
but I heard daddy say that he bought these for the princess of the house...which could only mean that these
are for me!”
Thank you, Kristine.

“I wanted to share with you our favorite picture of Vinny just relaxing around the house. His ambition is to become a movie star someday and plans to use this picture as the first one in his portfolio.”

Joanna Carricato

You're a vanguard for the Goldens and Silvers and to my mind one of the leading breeders of Persians all around out there. Our boys are gorgeous, have outrageously complex and wonderful dispositions, and they are HEALTHY. Our vet consistently comments that their breeder should be commended and believe me we do :)
Kim and Rob Vulgamore

Marilyn writes:
“I do write for a living, but it is truly impossible for me
to express in words how much I love this big, sweet,
gentle, fun-loving cat. He brings us so much joy.”
Marilyn Millstone

Ana writes:
“Pinkie loves her new home and loves to snuggle on the top of my chest near my neck. She gives kisses.” Thank you, Ana, for giving Pinkie such a wonderful and loving home.
                                            Ana Garcia

These two cute girls now live with Beth in her wonderful store “The Wind in the Willows” in Naples, FL. Please stop by the store to see the beautiful collection AND
meet her kitties!

Christmas Window 2013
Staring Tinker Belle

(click on photo to go to the website)

The Wind in the Willows
793 5th Avenue South
Naples, FL 34102

Question: Is it possible to love a fluffy too much? Taji is soooo super. We can't help but to hug and kiss her. She shares my pillow.  I felt that it was impossible to replace Bridgette. That is false. Now that I see your new pics, 50 cuties might not be so bad. I am working on sending you a mini video of what we deal with. If I am successful, I will be able to prove that there is no limit to how much one can love a cutie!! Taji knows that love hugs are limitless. We just plain love her.
Pat and Harry

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