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Congratulations to Steven Brooks and
"Champion" BooKats Taishi Ci of Shaded Paws

Congratulations to
BooKats Butter Cookie of Shensilvers
who Championed at the
Tall Cedars of Lebanon Show June 5-6, 2010

Congratulations to
BooKats Angel Baby of Shensilvers
who Championed at the
Southern Dixie Cat Club September 18, 2010

Pulo do Gato Magazine
November/December 2010
I was interviewed for the
above Brazilian cat magazine.
The following is a translation:

Golden Persian - Rolls Royce of the Feline World”
These cats come from the crossing of Silvers. With golden
(or apricot) fur, they can have a shadowed effect on the tips
of the hair. Still rare in the world, this breed has just begun
in Brasil and the U.S. according to Kat Frantz, breeder of
this type for 15 years. Her cattery, BooKats Cattery
located in Florida, has 15 kittens that came from
Chinchillas and Goldens, and blue Golden, a new color to
the breed recently recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association
(CFA). To Kat, this variety of Persians is described as the
Rolls Royce of the feline world. "These cats are truly elegant
and unique in their beauty", said the breeder.

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